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First post and news.

Haha. I have a community.

Thank you very much to everyone who joined. :-)

I was trying my hardest to get a recording session in before the end of the month, but, unfortunately, that was not able to happen.

However, if you are that impatient to hear what I'm dorkily cranking out these days, I have a few sample .wavs and...random .wavs. But, then again, they are .wavs, and the ones that actually are my own material are played coldly and poorly on a bad digital keyboard. They are poor reflections of what they sound like on my real piano and at times of day other than 6 AM. Some of them have only half of the song. (so you probably don't want 'em unless you've NEVER heard them at all and want to hear the outlines of the melodies, or if you absolutely NEED to hear me singing 304 Goushitsu Shita to Yoru in an inappropriately cute voice. which you don't.) Here is what I have, send an IM to rurikagerou to get them.
Ones marked with a * are the best ones (which is a huge overstatement).

my own songs

* The Hospital
Melting Window
* Synchropathy
Red Winter Wings

my bored sing-alongs

Hanayome (Inugami Circus-dan)
* 304 Goushitsu Shita to Yoru (Kyo)
* Toukyou no Onna (Shiina Ringo)
The Rose Fragrance (Tommy February6)
* Kohakuiro no Baraddo (Merry)
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