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xenotheum_s's Journal

Xenotheum Sabrael - Music + Writing
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This is a community for people to get information about Xenotheum's music, rather than from her personal journal (utopophobia).

What is a Xenotheum?

Xenotheum is an unsigned musician in Maryland. She sings, she writes, she plays the piano, she advertises herself in the third person.

If you want updates on recordings or performances, if you want to see my pictures, if you want sample downloads, if you want to ask Xenotheum questions about her music, her lyrics, her image, or anything related to that part of her life, this is the place for you to join.

If you're here to make fun of Xenotheum for whatever reasons, she will ban you. Simple as that.

(There will be a site here on this info page that will let you hear some songs if you haven't already. Very soon. I promise. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.)